The Power of Plants
The Power of Plants
The benefits of bringing the outside in
Published 16 December

With our fast-paced lives, there’s never been more of a need to create a home that allows us to come back down to Earth. Nature is the best antidote to modern stressors, which is why bringing the elements indoors has become the focus of interior trendsetters for some time now. Creating a space you can escape to and recharge is easy with a few additions that bring the outdoors in.


Healthy on the inside

Thanks to the likes of Instagram and Pinterest, indoor house plants are certainly having a moment. Rightly so – their benefits go way beyond aesthetic. Bringing plant life indoors is also great for creating a healthier home. Having a potted friend in your living room or bedroom can help to purify the air, which reduces stress and improves sleep quality, while indoor pot plants in your home office can improve mental clarity and focus. “Indoor plants improve our alertness, concentration and communication skills, so it makes sense to add them to your workspace,” says Meredith Kirton from Gro Urban Oasis. If you weren’t blessed with the greenest of thumbs, Meredith recommends hardy indoor plants such as devil’s ivy, mother-in-law’s tongue and peace lilies as they thrive with little effort (Gro Urban Oasis stock all three). Bigger plants are also best. “It’s actually easier to look after large potted plants, as they have more established roots and can be a little more forgiving,” she explains.


A natural colour palette

With a shift towards greener lifestyles and the need to create a home oasis, harsh monochrome interiors are on their way out. Interiors are starting to favour colours and textures inspired by the outdoors Dulux even named their 2020 Colour of the Year ‘Tranquil Dawn’, a muted green hue chosen as a nod to the natural landscape. To create a serene space that’s good for the soul, introduce shades of green and neutral brown tones throughout your décor and paint choices. Style with natural elements and textures like handmade ceramics, jute, wood and linen to create a sense of comfort and calm.


Seasonal blooms

If you’re not looking for the commitment of indoor plants, but want to refresh the look of your space regularly, cut flowers are the way to go. With the added benefit of a burst of colour, high-quality blooms brighten up any room – and mood. Flower Train’s owner and florist, Rachel Liu, recommends hydrangeas and peonies for their splash of pastel shades, while natives like ing protea and paper daisies are perfect for laidback Boho-inspired interiors (bonus: they’re also long-lasting). If you’re mindful of allergies, Rachel suggests oriental lilies for their pollen-free aroma. They also come in a variety of shades ranging from white to pale to hot pink.


Nature-inspired aromatherapy

When it comes to fragrance for your home, Mother Nature holds the answer with essential oils. Not only will they fill your interior with a lovely scent; aromatherapy has also long been recognised for its therapeutic benefits. Pure essential oils are extracted from plants and their fragrance stimulates smell receptors in the nose that promote different emotional responses. Select a blend based on the mood you’d like to create such as calmness, positive energy, immunity or stress relief, and use a diffuser (find one at Dusk) to spread those positive vibes through your whole home.


Inspired to create your very own outside-in home sanctuary? Find everything you need to green-up your interior at Flower Train, Dusk and Gro Urban Oasis, located in the new mall on Level 1 opposite Coles.

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