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The Top 3 food trends we’re getting behind
Easy ways to up your wellness
Published 16 December

Trends of the culinary kind reflect what we care about – and what we want to eat more of. That’s never been more true than right now. Organics, juices, native Australian ingredients and more are making their way onto our plates. And, in turn, we’re eating ourselves to wellness via health-promoting foods.

As we move into 2020, these are the culinary trends certain to keep us curious (and nourished).


  1. Experimenting with bush tucker

    The time has come to flirt with native Australian spices. Until now, they’ve remained relatively obscure to home cooks, but that’s all the more reason to make room for them on your spice rack, and Gewürzhaus Herb & Spice Merchants is your first port of call. If you’re new to native eating, start with the Australian bush pepper blend (sprinkled over avocado toast), and lemon myrtle (stirred into yoghurt or added to shortbread). Once you’re a little more seasoned, reach for the pepper berry, salt bush or roasted wattle seed. They liven up salad dressings, home-baked breads, pork and lamb.


  2. Organic produce and life-promoting foods

    If you’ve ever wondered about the benefits of sourdough bread, Shepherd’s Artisan Bakehouse is a masterclass in the stuff. Head baker Michael Shepherd has perfected the sourdough loaf using a traditionally long and slow fermentation process, said to make the bread easier to digest than commercial loaves. For this reason, those who have gluten-sensitivity tend to reach for the tangy, chewy flavour of artisanal sourdough.

    Founded by a nutritionist and dietitian in 2002, Rainbow Organic is stocked with all your organic pantry staples. Drop by for dried fruits, activated nuts, flours, bone broth, natural sweeteners, raw sugar, honey, and loads more that’s good for you. While you’re on your grocery run, the fresh food section of Coles has an organic selection, as does the Health Foods aisle, which also caters to all dietary requirements.

    At Baked Barista, the focus is on wholesome food designed by chefs and nutritionists so that you’re getting the nutrients you need in one delicious meal. The menu features filling bowls using seasonal ingredients which call on the diverse flavours of Europe, Asia, the Middle East, South America and modern Australia.


  3. Juice cleanses

   At Juiced Life, wellness is just a cold-pressed juice, smoothie, wellness shot or superfood bowl away. The menu is all-natural and tailored for anyone looking to boost their overall health from    the outside-in. The store’s strong suit is juice cleanses, which loyalists say gives them more energy, mental clarity and a more robust immune system.



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