Refreshing your space
Some tricks and tips on how to refresh you space
Published 15 September
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Never before have outdoor living areas played such an integral part of hour we are going to socialize.  If you’re having friends over, it makes sense to entertain them in the open air, and feel connected to the outside world.

So do you have a boring balcony and instead imagine a tropical oasis?  We have the latest ranges of plants, pots and furniture to transform your place so you holiday at home year round!

Here are some tricks & tips:

  • Use modular pieces of furniture and consider the layout to maximise views, inside & out
  • Alternate the heights of plants using plant stands, hangers and various pots so they look stylish rather than like an assembly line!
  • Add lighting like lanterns, candles, festoon lights and fire pits to create an ambient mood
  • Using a textured or patterned rug can really create a focus
  • Large palms like Bird of Paradise , golden cane and lady palms make an impact and can screen of areas completely
  • Combine different textures in pots & baskets for added interest

Outside your house, brush down eaves and clean windows so they are sparkling can make all the difference.  Cleaning paving and refreshing your mulch will also give the garden a fresh look.  Feeding your lawn, tidying up clipped shrubs and removing old flowers are simple and effective ways of reviving your garden.  

The joy of Spring is the perfect time to get inspired and enjoy your outdoor spaces, regardless of their size!