13 Sep
30 Nov
The Good Men Project
A project that gives men the chance to speak up, challenge gender stereotypes and promote change.

Castle Towers proudly supports the Good Men Project in collaboration with Hills Community Aid.

"We need to champion a fairer, gentler notion of manhood, shifting our focus from being 'real men' to being and raising 'good men'." Darren Saunders

Hills Community Aid created the Good Men Project to give men a chance to speak up, to promote respectful relationships, to challenge unhelpful gender stereotypes and to encourage change in society by being positive role models to other men and boys.

Boys and men grow up with huge pressure to fit stereotypes about what it means to be a man - they are told they’re supposed to be tough, aggressive, competitive and unemotional and that vulnerability makes them weak.

Unhelpful gender stereotypes tell men that it’s not okay to be themselves, they have a huge impact on relationships, mental health and they can contribute to a whole host of problems in society.

Castle Towers is proudly partnering with Hills Community Aid in support of the Good Men Project. Given that this year's project is primarily being delivered via digital platforms, including social media, Hills Community Aid's partnership with Castle Towers has allowed them to reach a far greater number of community members. For the first time the 2021 project is also supported by the Club Grants program, this support will help Hills Community Aid promote the participants important messages, leading to social change.

Thank you to the men who volunteered as part of the 2021 Good Men Project. The information derived from the participants is accurate at the time of the interview, Hills Community Aid and Castle Towers are not responsible for the actions and opinions of participants.

For more information about the Good Men Project and Hills Community Aid click here.