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Kids Activity Hub
Enjoy a range of free downloadable craft activities and games.

Enjoy some at-home time with the kids by testing their skills in a variety of games and activities.

Alphabet Bingo


This is the perfect group activity! Cut out these four bingo boards, then nominate someone without a board to call out letters from the alphabet.

The first one to tick all their letters wins!

Click Here to download Alphabet Bingo


Animal Fruit Cakes


How cute are these animal rice cakes? Experiment with ingredients to make different types of animals.

Click Here to download Animal Fruit Cakes recipe


Edible Life Cycle


Learn the four stages in the life cycle of a butterfly by placing yummy treats inside the dotted circles. Who knew science could be so tasty!

Click Here to download Edible Life Cycle


Family Time Capsule


Create your very own Time Capsule! Place photographs, old tickets and notes into your Time Capsule so you can remember those special memories forever.

Click Here to download Family Time Capsule


Coco Choco Delight Pops


Prepare these Coco Choco Delight Pops with no baking required! A tasty recipe that is equally delicious as it is fun to make.

Click Here to download Coco Choco Delight Pops recipe.


Friendship Bracelet


Wanting to make your bestie the perfect homemade bracelet? Print out these templates and colour them in using your favourite colours.

Click Here to download Friendship Bracelets


Invisible Ink Messages


Write your friends and family a secret message with invisible ink using ingredients found at home!

Click Here to download Invisible Ink Message


Homemade Rocket


Conduct your very own science experiment at home with only two ingredients!

Click Here to download Homemade Rocket


Oobleck Goo



Make your own Oobleck Goo! Touch it quickly and it won’t stick to you, beware of touching it slowly though!

Click Here to download Ooblek Goo


Origami Bookmark


Follow the origami directions to make this adorable ‘Perry the Porcupine’ bookmark to peek over the corner of your page.

Click Here to download Origami Bookmark


Peg Puppets


It’s time to put on a puppet show! Colour in these kooky characters and glue onto a peg and you're ready.

Click Here to download Homemade Peg Puppets


Rainbow Craft



Colour in this beautiful rainbow and help it float in the sky by glueing fluffy cotton balls onto the cloud areas!

Click Here to download Rainbow Craft


Flower Card Craft


Make your Mum this very special customised card, with your favourite 5 reasons why you love her hidden under each flower.

Click here to download the Mother's Day card instructions.

Click here to download your Mother's Day flower card.


Heart Origami


Make Mum this special Origami Heart. Decorate your heart with glitter or stickers, plus write a message.

Click here to download your Heart origami



Mother's Day Letter


Fill in the blanks to gift your Mum the perfect Mother’s Day Letter!

Click here to download your Mother's Day Letter


Mother's Day Menu


Make Mum’s Day with her own custom menu! Write in food and drink options and let Mum pick out what she wants to have on her special day.

Click here to download Mum's Menu


Mother's Day Vouchers


Does your Mum need a hand around the house or need some time off? These vouchers are the perfect way to give Mum a gift she will love and appreciate!

Click here to download your Mother's Day Vouchers


Eye Spy


Go on a Colour Scavenger Hunt! Can you find something at your house that matches each colour?

Click here to download the Colour Scavenger Hunt


My Five Senses


Take part in this Ultimate Scavenger Hunt and find matches that relate to all five senses!

Click here to download the Senses Scavenger Hunt

Click here to download the Texture Scavenger Hunt


Easter Word Find


Can you help Charlie Chick find the 13 hidden Easter words in our tricky word find?

Click here to download the Easter Word Find.


Easter Crosswords


Rosie Rabbit and Benny Bunny need your help to piece together the answers to their crosswords – can you help?

Click here to download the Rosie Rabbit Easter Crossword

Click here to download the Benny Bunny Easter Crossword


Easter Maze


Hopping Harley is getting hungry and needs your help to locate her Easter Eggs.

Click here to download the Easter Maze


Easter Colouring Pages


Enjoy time colouring these famous Castle Towers Easter characters and be sure to tag us when you share your masterpieces.

Click here to download the Charlie Chick Easter Colouring Page

Click here to download the Rosie Rabbit Easter Colouring Page


Easter Egg Match Up Game


Test your memory with our Easter egg match up game!

Click here to download the Easter Egg Match Game


Easter Bookmarks


Mark your place in your favourite book with these handy bookmarks!

Click here to download the Easter Bookmarks