Meet Castle Towers influencer 1
Summer 2021
Meet Madi
Madi is a model and content creator. Learn more about Madi's go-to style this season.
Published 12 January

Tell us about yourself. What is your name and what do you do?

"My name is Maddie, I am 24 years old. I work full-time in employment inclusion, where I help other mobs and minority groups with employment and procurement. But, I also model and do content creation for fun."


Describe your personal style in three words.

"Chic, dressy and neutrals. I am a sucker for neutrals."


Tell us about what you are wearing today.  

"Today I am wearing some jeans with a nice black top, which is definitely my go-to style when I am at home or ducking out to the shops to-do some shopping."


What do you love about living in The Hills?

"What I love about living in the Hills is being so close to my family. I also have to admit I love the skyline of the Blue Mountains and as a freshwater girl, Wiradjuri, I love living 20 minutes from the Hawkesbury River."


What is your go-to shops and restaurants in Castle Towers?

"Some of my favourite go-to shops in the centre is definitely Forever New, and for any of my styling and accessories I actually go to Michael Hill. My favourite restaurants include Senario Café, I love their lunch-time specials and I also love going to Tella Balls Dessert Bar. Another way that I like to spend time with friends and go out is going to Holey Moley."


What are your top style tips for Spring Summer?

"My top style tips for Spring Summer 21 would be, I am a sucker for linen, and always wearing dresses. I always accessorise with sunglassesjewellery and a hat. You’ve got to keep sun safe in the summer!"


How would you describe the local look in Castle Hill?

"The local look in Castle Hill is actually quite mixed, so I feel like no look is ever out of place. You could be super dressed up or casual and you will never look like you’re not welcome. One thing I do love is looking at younger teenagers and how they are exploring their style. I was definitely one of those spending my time at Castle Towers after school!"

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