Level 2 looking towards David Jones
Level 2 and 3 works and Piazza completion
Celebrating our new refurbishments
Published 27 January
We are excited to announce that the Piazza and Level 2 & 3 enhancement project works have recently been completed at the Centre. 

The Piazza, Castle Towers’ popular dining and entertainment precinct, is now covered by year-round weather protection, further extending the precinct’s appeal, and contributing to the night-time economy of the local area. 

Alongside the new roof covering, the Piazza also now features upgraded tiling, columns, lighting and landscaping, elevating the design and ambience of the area and delivering a refreshed environment where our community can spend time and relax. 

Following our successful launch of the Metro Mall and Fresh Food precinct last year, we have also recently completed works to refurbish the common mall areas in and around the central void on Levels 2 and 3. Now that these works are complete, you will notice the look and feel of the Level 1 Metro Mall and Fresh Food precinct’s dynamic design extended to the upper levels. 

We look forward to welcoming you on your next visit to Castle Towers to enjoy these new upgrades.