Smart Home
Smart Home
The latest breakthrough gadgets you need to own
Published 16 December

New releases in tech are making home life easier than ever. Connectivity is key, and the latest smart home products on the market are all about syncing your devices to manage everything in one place. Here are some of the best new technologies to make your home work smarter for you.


Google Nest Hub Max

Juggling numerous household schedules and trying to stay on top of a busy life can be stressful. Google Nest Home Hub Max acts like a personal assistant for your household. This Google smart home device keeps tabs on the family through a personalised calendar, commute reminders and custom alerts. You can also make your home function like clockwork with voice control over your lights, and electronic devices from the Hub’s dashboard. And when you don’t need to call upon its services, it doubles as a digital photo frame, disguising your secret organisational weapon. You can pick one up at JB Hi-Fi.


Amazon Echo Studio Smart Speaker Alexa

A speaker that offers great sound quality but packs in so much more, the latest Amazon Echo Studio Smart Speaker (find it at JB Hi-Fi) is more than meets the eye. Boasting studio-quality sound with five interior speakers, this little unit will fill any room with immersive audio. Not only is the speaker’s audio quality said to be the best in the series; you can personalise your sound with custom equaliser settings and change the tune whenever you like with voice control playlist selection. Where this smart device really comes in handy is the additional home assistant functions with Alexa voice assistant. It can connect to remote light control, deliver weather updates, set up calendar reminders, and more.


Sony Master Series Oled 4k Ultra HD High Dynamic Range Android TV

A TV that’s ready to pair with your other devices, the Sony Master Series televisions are one step ahead of what you want to watch. With auto connectivity already installed, link your Smartphone with Chromecast, screen mirroring and Bluetooth in an instant. For an ultra-high-tech feature, use your voice to control the TV by combining it with an Alexa Smart home device, and say goodbye to that never-ending search for the remote. Topped off with inbuilt technology to give you the clearest picture possible and access to Google Play content, you’ll never run out of things to watch again.


Arlo Ultra 4K UHD Wire-Free Security Camera System

For a smart home hub that works to keep you safe, the Arlo Wire-Free Security System and Home Hub goes beyond traditional camera systems. Boasting crystal-clear capture with colour night vision and high audio quality that provides detailed monitoring, this set is miles in front of industry-standard image quality. Connectivity is a breeze, too. Two wireless devices connect easily with WiFi so you can be protected wherever you need inside the home, and monitor all activity from your pocket with the Arlo Smart Premier Smartphone app. You can find this Arlo security system at JB Hi-Fi.


Dogness Smart Camera Feeder

The ultimate smart home hack for the modern pet owner, the Dogness Smart Camera Feeder (available at JB Hi-Fi) automatically dispenses just the right amount of food for dogs and cats with the swipe of your Smartphone. Controlled by the Dogness App, you can easily schedule feeding times and portion sizes. Perfect for when that unexpected engagement or late deadline throws you out of routine, you can rest assured that your pet is fed, and can even check up on them with the inbuilt night vision camera. You also don’t have to worry that your pet won’t get their dinner if the power goes out: the device is fitted with back-up battery power.


If you’re looking to upgrade your home with the latest smart home technology, speak to the experts at JB Hi-Fi and Sony to find the right devices to suit your lifestyle.

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