Kid-friendly plants that tickle all the senses
Try these 5 plants which will keep the kids in the garden for hours on end.
Published 08 January

 If your kids are searching for a new hobby that doesn’t involve a screen, gardening can’t be beat. It gets them outdoors and will help them develop a whole new range of skills, such as responsibility, self-confidence and creativity – not to mention a love of nature. If this is their first foray into growing, start them off on a range of plants that engage multiple senses. This will make it more likely they stick with the hobby, at least long enough to enjoy the fruits of their labour!


Snapdragons got their name for the way the “mouth” of the flower opens and closes upon squeezing. This bright and beautiful plant boasts flowers in an array of colours, such white, pink and yellow, and they bloom from early summer and into autumn.


Strawberries in Australia are generally found atop a pavlova. To cultivate your own strawberry patch at home, plant healthy, leafless stalks called runners in the ground, plant beds or hanging baskets, in a full sun position. As you know, the resulting fruit is fragrant and delicious eaten straight from the plant (if your patch is organic, of course).


Lemon balm is easily identified by its lemony scent and its leaves can be added to fruit salads, sorbets or savoury dishes. It looks a bit like mint, which is used in a similar manner. Start with a bought plant or a rooted piece from a neighbour. If you’re planting in late winter, you can start with seeds. It’s very easy to grow, making it a top pick for kids.


Unmistakeable yellow sunflowers are an uplifting addition to your garden, and they’re easy to grow and nurture. Most people love the way young sunflowers turn to face the sun, so that they receive all the sunshine needed to thrive. Plant them in a spot that receives 6-8 hours of sunlight daily.


Bamboo is actually a type of grass – one that’s fast growing and huge. What’s great is that it’s very robust and will thrive in full sun and fertile soil. Because it grows rapidly, you should always find out how aggressive a variety is before buying or planting. The bamboo stalks will creak and its leaves swoosh in the wind.

Experience the richness of what Castle Towers has to offer.
Experience the richness of what Castle Towers has to offer.