European Summer Strikes at The New Piazza
Published 24 September

Europe: a magical land where you tan and don’t burn, the water is mesmerizingly blue and, most importantly, the food is fresh, generous and seriously packed with flavour and love.
Unfortunately for us here in Australia, Europe is a long, sticky, cramped plane journey away. The good news is The Piazza at Castle Towers has your back and houses new restaurants specialising in your favourite European eats:


Ah, Greece! The glamour of Santorini awaits at Enigma.
Chow down on beloved dishes that Greece is famous for; we’re talking your classic traditional mezzes and souvlakis you can find dotted around the various islands of Greece, plus creamy and refreshing tzatziki and dolmades.
Find fresh seafood such as char-grilled octopus with lemon oil, sweet pimento, pickled cauliflower and feta salad, and more traditional dishes that are reminiscent of what Yia-Yia would make at home; ‘Yemista’: stuffed tomatoes and capsicums with dill-infused rice, we’re looking at you. Mmm! All that’s missing is a salty ocean breeze (and you).

The Bavarian

 If you’re after the big, bold eats of Germany, The Bavarian will have you donning lederhosen in a heartbeat.
After centuries of fertile farmland providing a high yield, Germany became the masters of smoking and pickling meat and vegetables to avoid wasting any excess produce.
Taste the heritage in the famous crispy pork knuckle with creamy mash, sauerkraut, bier jus and apple compote, the löwenshnitzel with cabbage slaw or the hefty giant thüringer (a sausage packed with beef, pork, garlic and marjoram spices).
Wash this mammoth feast down with an authentic ‘bier’ - you can even go all out and enjoy a ‘Das Boot’! Oh yes, it’s as epic as it sounds. Fill a 1L boot with your choice of cider, German beer or strong beer. As they say, go German or go home!


 Explore gorgeous Southern Italy and ignite the senses at Criniti’s.
This is a one-stop shop to immerse yourself in the heritage, warmth and family-oriented origins of Italy, all combined with a modern Australian twist.
Get la famiglia together to share the ultimate Italian feast, an experience that’s cherished and remembered amongst those with an Italian heritage. Skilled chefs bring traditional Italian techniques to produce classic dishes such as tomato bruschetta with a balsamic glaze, handmade cannelloni Nonna’s way (filled with ricotta, spinach and nutmeg topped with bechamel, basil and Napoli sauce) and veal saltimbocca (pan-seared veal with sage, prosciutto and lemon butter sauce).

Finish off with an Italian hot chocolate or classico dolce. Say hellooo to unbelievable desserts such as the Nutella pizza topped with strawberries and vanilla gelato, the originale crespelle with mascarpone cream, caramelised banana and hot choc fudge and the gaytime slider donut filled with vanilla gelato served with hot butterscotch sauce, crushed honeycomb and candied nuts.

Straight from the heart, it doesn’t get more authentic than this! No need to book a flight to dreamy Europe, just hop to The Piazza at Castle Towers and you’re sorted. Although, no promises you’ll get a glowy tan while you’re there (sorry).
Open 7 days a week, 11am – 10pm.

Experience the richness of what Castle Towers has to offer.
Experience the richness of what Castle Towers has to offer.