Green up your home with indoor plants
Brighten your interiors and improve your wellbeing with well-placed indoor plants.
Published 12 April

Aside from adding colour (hello flamingo flowers) and purifying the air (bamboo palms are the best), indoor plants are great for adding interest to a room. Painted pots and hanging planters, like those from Kmart and Sheridan, have become a staple of the well-styled home in recent years, as have minimalist plant stands and ladder-style shelving like those available from Adairs and Target. But what to plant?

It’s important to remember that not every plant will thrive, so think carefully about your pot and position choices. Broad-leafed plants such as a peace lilies and creeping figs can struggle if they receive uninterrupted sunlight, while other species will start to look sad if over-watered. But once you know the basics, there are few limits when it comes to greening up your space – you’ll be on your way to the domestic jungle of your dreams in no time.

Harness the power of feng shui

According to the ancient Chinese art of directing energy, plants can boost your luck and help put visitors in a positive frame of mind. To help circulate oxygen, it’s advised to hang some greenery in your entrance, while a lavender plant on a windowsill helps promote relaxation. Harsh lines are said to hinder the flow of energy, so using plants to disguise corners is one way to counteract any negative vibes. For maximum good fortune, position some lucky bamboo or jade plants (otherwise known as money plants) on your sideboard. Want to help boost the quality of your sleep? Easy. Just place an oxygen-emitting aloe vera plant by your bed.


Bathe in nature

Adding greenery to your bathroom is a no-brainer. The humid conditions will save you from having to water tropical plants such as orchids and dragon trees, and the colour instantly transforms a dull interior into a welcoming one. If having a bath is your go-to after a hard day, admiring your healthy plants can only help further. Scientific studies have linked plant gazing to lower stress levels. Fiddle-leaf figs can add some serious drama to an otherwise humble bathroom, especially when reflected in the mirror, while in darker spaces, a tumbling devil’s ivy plant hung from the ceiling or on a high shelf can add a much-needed splash of freshness.


Think outside the box

With plants finding their way into everything from lightbulbs to wine decanters, the terrarium craze is your chance to think creatively and mix things up. For dramatic impact, copper-framed vertical succulent gardens and hanging baskets containing spill-over plants such as the hare’s foot fern all add have the power to add some green magic to your home. One of the biggest statement-makers is a multi-stemmed cactus, perhaps emerging from a shallow vessel atop your dining table. And you’ll be amazed at what introducing a few fronds to your desk or wardrobe can do for your mood in the morning.


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